There is nothing new about lying in politics and propaganda. Even the controversy of what is true has existed since humans first came up with the ideas of “fact” and “fiction.” But the degree to which the very concepts of truth and fact have been undermined (or rejected) in modern US politics is striking. So  striking that I think it is worth describing the world we live in as one of post-factual politics.


Post-factual PTX (or, Post-factual Politics, or PfPTX) is a blog aimed at exploring and discussing the worlds we live in, are moving towards, have left behind, and that never were. As it grows, expect current events, literature reviews, book reviews, sarcastic commentary, social theory, brain droppings, and maybe the odd story, poem, piece of art, or anecdote.

If you would like to post anything, please contact me at easorion@gmail.com

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