Foodprint Optimization: A start

Depending on who you ask I am a vegetarian, flexitarian, freegan,  lacto-ovo vegetarian, broke, and/or someone who overthinks their diet. With the exception of the last one, all of these descriptions are technically inaccurate. I don’t eat meat, unless the food will otherwise be thrown away and my consumption of it will not create an […]

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Uncanny politics

Alternative facts are near and dear to the heart of this blog, but I am afraid we may remember today’s debates over reality fondly in two decade’s time. I am going to pose a problem, prediction, and question.   In the midst of a presidential campaign that has become almost synonymous with fake news, PolitiFact […]

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Hello absurd world!

Welcome to what I hope will be an exciting, fulfilling, educational, and occasionally enjoyable project. This blog aims to be a discussion space for people interested in broadening their minds, better understanding the world, engaging with others, and critical thinking. The hope is that as the community grows so too shall the variety of topics […]

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