Making Gardens Visible: some maps

Oftentimes when (community) gardens are appreciated it is for fulfilling a temporary need. They replace vacant lots, turning illegal trash pits into something pretty that increases property values. They green otherwise dull, industrialized, cities and create a sense of community where there is none. Victory gardens help socialize children into a nationalistic project of civic engagement […]

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The Symbolic Third and the Warrior Cop

 “Are cops constitutional?” This is the question Radley Balko poses to start his book, Rise of the Warrior Cop; the militarization of America’s police forces.  Beginning with Ancient Rome and quickly moving forward through the American Revolution and 19th century, Balko provides an historical and philosophical foundation for a detailed discussion of American police since […]

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Journeys in Spam

I receive a lot of spam comments on this blog. I moderate (e.g. delete) them to keep things clean here. Most are advertisements for payday loans or inane comments followed by a link, but sometimes there are real gems. Here are a few of my favorites. Formatting is preserved and usernames are in bold.    I simply couldn’t leave […]

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Expected Value: a crash course

When analyzing politics I think largely in terms of expected value. This is a really useful tool I recommend for anyone interested in logical thinking, and it comes up in how I write on this blog. This post is a crash course in the subject. In mathematics, specifically probability, the expected value of something is […]

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Firing McCabe: A thought

For more specific details of what is going on, check out Lawfare’s wonderful piece on what we do, and don’t, know about this event.    Last Friday the political world was rocked, a weekly occurrence these days, by the surprise firing of former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe. Attorney General Jeff Beauregard Sessions […]

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